About Max & Ruby's

We are a local family owned business passionate about providing quality, personalised, in-home care to your loved cats when you can’t be at home with them.

We are reliable, trustworthy and committed to ensuring that your pets are secure, happy and content in our care, in the familiar comfort of their own home. We hold national police checks, working with vulnerable people cards, and are a registered business with full public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

Cats relaxing

Why we started Max & Ruby's

Christina and Ben started Max & Ruby’s Pet Sitting with the aim of helping Canberran’s relax when away from their pets.

When Max and Ruby joined our family, we were happy to have less freedom to travel, but found it difficult to find someone who would care for them in our home, giving them the same attention that we would, without complicated and expensive charges. With Ruby not coping well with new places and people, a cattery isn’t an option for us. Once we moved to Canberra we found our options even more limited, so we decided that we could fill that gap. We have always shared a lifelong love of animals of all shapes and sizes and can’t imagine a better job than this!

Who are Max & Ruby?

Max and Ruby are our own pets. Max is a blue Burmese with a very big personality. He loves being with people and lapping up attention. Ruby is a chocolate Burmese and she is Max’s quieter shadow. She loves to lie belly-up in the sun, or snooze in any available lap. Christina and Ben are Max and Ruby’s human minions.

Max and Ruby sitting at home
Max and Ruby sitting at home

Please give us a ring or email if you'd like to know more, we're happy to help.